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e-finity Mobile Solutions

e-finity is our top-of-the-line Inspection and Data Collection application.

Workstation Features include:

Field Features include:

Benefits include:

  • Calendar based Job Scheduling
  • Bulk or individual Job Dispatch
  • Office or Field Inspections
  • Customizable Forms & Reports
  • Field Work Orders & Invoices
  • Email Work Orders, Invoices, Inspection Reports
  • Microsoft SQL Server database

  Synchronized with Host

  Field inspections & report creation

  • Automatic Deficiency Recording

  Field Work Orders

  Field Invoices

  Email from field device

  Windows based tablets

  Microsoft SQL Server Express database

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Crisp data entry
  • Fool proof synchronization
  • Disconnected field operation
  • Lower Administrative Costs
  • Reduce data entry load
  • Manage the Work Order Cycle
  • Increase Technician Efficiency



Description automatically generatede-finity is a form-based inspection tool. Forms define devices that have a series of questions to be answered by the inspector.

Questions are answered by:

         choosing from a list of valid answers

         typing text, a number or date

         auto-answer option sets answers on Yes/No, Pass/Fail type questions

         deficient answers are automatically detected based on rules

         reason for deficiency is collected



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